Working with Raan-Neeti proved to be a real eye opener as well as a tremendous learning experience. I have taken back so much more that I hoped to give through my experience and skill.
Roseann Dutton
The work environment at Rann neeti is intellectually stimulating and challenging, allowing for personal initiative and growth. They are very receptive to new ideas and promote a progressive and inclusive work culture. The dedication, hard work and sheer brilliance that both Rohit and Antara bring to their work is inspiring.
Vandita Morarka
“I had the pleasure of working with the team of Rann Neeti on a A.V. project for an NGO – Tribal Mensa India. It was a great experience for me as their passion and dedication for the project inspired me to push myself even more and deliver an even better AV at the end. I hope to be associated with team Rann Neeti in their future projects and look forward to working with them again.”
Amogh Thakur
My time at Rann Neeti has been everything I hoped it would be and more. I came into this internship with minimal knowledge about politics. My intention in working here was to overcome my inadequacy in this area and give me insight into the part of politics that the newspapers don’t.
The experience of working here has been invigorating. The workspace blends the formality of serious work with an effortless informality which has made me feel comfortable and motivated to work.
I have come out of the internship with a better grip on the world of politics, more importantly, my superiors have garnered my interest in politics by showing me the charm of the Indian political scene.
Happy to have worked here and wish you success.
Abhishek Nair
Rann Neeti is a unique combination of political consulting and strategic philanthropy. A very good way of fulfilling the societal needs through a business venture. This concept of clubbing social work by the way of corporate social responsibility is a great way of promoting awareness and contributing your part to the society.
My experience with Rann Neeti was a very enlightening one, I should say. During my stint here I got to know that there are far more pressing and serious issues which need to be tackled on priority. The youth today is oblivious of the issues plaguing the society, leave alone how to address them. Working with Rann neeti was an eye opener and I got an insight of how organizations like these work. Such organizations deal with real life problems and form an integral part of the society.
Working with my seniors, Antara Desai and Rohit Deshpande was both fun and educative. I enjoyed working with these likeminded and socially committed individuals. I look forward to working with them again.
Aditya Rao
“A network, a redefined public image and funds was what the Tribal Mensa Nurturing Program needed. Rann-neeti has proved resourceful in helping us design our own box of solutions. Beyond strategy, they helped TMNP to execute these perfect solutions. They proved efficient in understanding us and our needs. They helped us in designing a complete package of solutions and positioning our brand in the minds of donors that helped us gain extra reach.”
Narayan and Devasena
I joined as a research analyst at RannNeeti. I got the opportunity to work on social media, analysis and marketing. The work culture of RannNeeti is open in Nature and the team here is very supportive to new ideas. Being an intern i never hesitated to put new ideas and if idea has potential the team will support you.

The takeaways from my internship are planning, client Management, team management and the most important skill i got is that now i am able to sell any ideas/product to clients more confidently.

It was a great pleasure to work with a great potential startup and looking for RannNeeti’s great journey ahead.

Pratik Pede
This is by far the most interesting and challenging internship I have ever got. At Rann Neeti, you get to learn and explore new aspects everyday which in turn makes you up for further opportunities.
You work even better when there is much flexibility in the office premises and Rann Neeti has it all.
Kunal Parmar
I had a wonderful time interning at Rann Neeti. It helped me gain practical knowledge and perspective of the field of politics in India and the complexity that it entails.

Working alongside expert political strategists showed me the research that goes behind all their services that they provide along with its practical application and effectivity.

The work environment along with delegation of more challenging to staff members helped produce excellence at the office that not only benefitted the employees but also clients.

David Menezes
I want to start by a famous quote“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” ― Aristotle.

This is what i would describe this company, and i’m happy for being a part of it.The environment was very friendly and infomatic i got to learn many new things as web developer.

At Rann Neeti you would find the best of knowledge and freedom .I’m really thankful to Rohit and Antra for their guidance at every step during my internship they were very humble and gentle.
Being an intern i never felt like i was one!Apart from being a web developer i do got knowledge of politics and i must say they have the best of information.I would sign off by wishing them all the best and “KEEP CHARGING”!

Mazhar Shaikh