“Philanthropy & Charity are ways of infusing the spirit of socialism in a capitalist world”

                                                                                                                                                        -Rohit Deshpande

22We at Rann Neeti believe that all businesses are built on the backs of their employees and corporations also rely heavily on the support provided to them by various systems already in place in the society which are often overlooked and taken for granted. We must realize that every firm, no matter how big or small must give back to the society. The ‘Companies Act of 2013’ has made ‘Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)’ mandatory. Every firm that is bench marked above a certain threshold in terms of profit or turnover or net worth has to spend atleast 2% of its profits on social causes. However, smaller   businesses too, are free to do so too.

What We Do


Our Role

Its a complex world out there. So many causes, so many initiatives- it can get a little confusing. However that shouldn’t keep you from helping people. If you are a businessman, a philanthropist or a celebrity and have decided to do something for the society, talk to us about your desired goals and intentions. We will help you ‘strategically’ achieve your ‘philanthropy’ goals. After understanding what you are passionate about and what drives you, we will device a tailor made strategy which takes into account your needs and produces  not only the desired impact but also generates good will for you.


How We Work

We like to keep it simple. We meet the client and understand his/her needs. After preliminary discussions, when a target sector is identified (education, healthcare, skill development etc.) we come up with multiple strategy options for the client which cover various aspects like- current state of the chosen sector (facts, figures & associated research),  identification of problems, possible solutions, identification of various stakeholders involved amongst a host of other things. After a solution/process is in place, we also help clients in drafting a media strategy to garner support for their cause. Our sole objective is ‘maximisation of impact’ and ‘creation of goodwill for you/your brand’.