“We’d all like to vote for the best man, but he’s never a candidate”

                                                                                                                                                                          ~Kin Hubbard

Rann Neeti is a constituency consultancy, committed to developing strong ties between the government, social and private sectors. We work with our clients to understand their core values and help strengthen them by providing a customized strategy to ensure the individual, group or organization reaches its final goal. Our team works tirelessly with our clients to build profiles that will result in the individual or organization reaching out to a larger audience and creating a greater impact through increased visibility and action. For any project to be carried out successfully the key is to be able to utilize resources in the most effective manner. At Rann Neeti we understand the need to put available resources to the best possible use and we strive to ensure that the client is able to do just that. Our satisfaction lies in delivering results and ensuring that our clients are able to meet their objectives.

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others and leadership is the capacity to translate that into reality. We at Rann Neeti realise the importance of political vision and believe that every politician from the ground up must have a vision not only for his constituency but also for the nation and the world. We wish to equip leaders with the necessary research, information & ideas for them to be able to lead effectively. By conducting targeted/general political market research we can add value to what the politician already knows about the constituency. The outcomes of such research can serve as the basis for taking steps that help the leader to consolidate his position for the next election. This service can be availed by any politician regardless of whether he’s an incumbent or in the opposition.

When we think of the word ‘political campaign’, we think of the events and activities that leaders plan and execute a month before the elections. Rallies, Vans, loud speakers, pamphlets, social media promotions, distribution of merchandise constitute the core of majority of the campaigns. Most of these campaign strategies have little or no effect as the common man always wonders ‘why now?’, ‘why don’t we see our leader after the election for years’? Some even dismiss these activities as public nuisance and prefer not to vote as none of the candidates in the fray appeal to them.

In these changing times, as voters are becoming more discerning, it is getting harder for the politicians to live up to the voters expectations and this trend will continue in the future. We at Rann Neeti understand this and believe that a campaign starts much before the election dates are announced and theres more to a campaign than a mere media blitzkrieg. We believe that it is never too early to start a campaign and that professional campaigns start atleast a year before elections. For this, we offer several services that are applicable all-round the candidates tenure as a legislator. We believe the best electoral campaigns start the day after the results for the ongoing one are declared.

After a leader is elected he is expected to deliver on the promises made by him and his party’s leadership. All around the country there are individuals, groups and NGO’s working on different issues to benefit society. We advise politicians on how to engage these social groups in the development of their own constituencies in order to reach out to voters and address challenges faced by the public.